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By | 1st December 2016

how-to-make-mobile-applicationNow You Can Create Your Own Apps

Hello friend Its Jack Here..Welcome To My Blog regarding How To Make Mobile Applications

 Nowadays Mobile Apps are growing like tremendously and will keep on growing as an average person may have minimum 100 apps in his mobile

And as many of You I also decided to start a Mobile application business and started  searching how to create an app for free and make money,

I found Tons of website which were enough to confuse me and took my plenty of time of try and error as I had no coding knowledge

I decided to learn how to create mobile apps and started taking knowledge on how to make mobile application online

I found many sites with detailed explanation which showed easy and tough methods of   making mobile apps;

 But Guys To be frank I am not a technical guy and get bored very fast of all the coding stuff and designing things

I thought if I could find a software to create mobile apps and do everything for me than I can make mobile applications without having any knowledge of how to make mobile application

I am sure many of you may relate with my story….for those who relate can directly jump to the destination site by clicking on the link below which I found after lot of efforts


So..I was thinking is there really any software to create mobile apps

Thanks To Google which provides us all the answers The Answer which I found was yes there actually are sites which shows software to create mobile apps

There are many sites which has good monthly charges which promised to make my life easy and solve my problems related to how to make mobile application

I tried a couple of sites by paying anywhere in between $1 to $50 Monthly fees

The $1 one provided some simple tricks to make mobile apps but had lots of work for us to do

Also It could not provide me the solution of question which was how to create an app for free and make money,

As I wanted to earn money with apps and that being my main intention I started looking for higher charged websites which can show me how to make mobile application

What I mainly learned from these websites is given below I think it may help you to create an app for free and make money

Step 1: Think and Get an idea or a problem:- The main and first secret for online or any success is You have to be a Problem Solver, Get an Idea of which can make some Task Easier or Find a Solution to a Problem, Find something which is related to mobile apps or any information or anything which can make life a bit easier…yes my friend there are many Ideas within you and you will have get it

Step 2: Identifying the need:- So now you have got an Idea or a Solution for a problem, than next step is to Identifying the need whether what You are thinking is really worth doing so…How can you find it? You may ask, As I said earlier Ask Google Use google planner tool or search for keywords of your idea or problem and see whether there are people who want to get solution  for this as you are now in process to learn how to create mobile apps.

Step 3: Layout of Your App Flow and Features:- Its Time To Put Your Idea into Documentation, Write Down Each and every step of how you want your user to view the app and how to navigate to get the required solution. A wireframing Tool would be useful.

 Step 4: Remove Unimportant Features:- View the documentation you have prepared closely and remove unwanted and non-core items which would make your app more complicated and also increase the costing of your app. Also it is a good idea to not provide all the features in your first version, keep something for upgrades.


The Above Site Covers your other steps in its software. which will make your life much easy for building a Mobile Application

The Other Points to note while making a App are given below

Step 5: Designing of Your App:- The Software in the above given site have many designing features which are so easy to implement that even a 12 year child can do

Step 6: Hiring a Designer or Developer :- The site has automated designer tools which can fulfill your demands in Minutes, They are also very user friendly

Step 7: Creating Developer Accounts:- After You have created your app you need to create a Account with Developer to sell your app on their platform. Google’s Android charges $25 a year and Apple charges $99 annually. You Can Register on Your Personal Name or in the name of your company

Step 8: Integrate Your App Analytics:- Analytics helps You to Track the engagement and Retention including Downloads for your Mobile App. You can use the tools such as Flurry if you want a Free Tool and Localytics which provides Free as well as Paid Versions

Step 9: After Launch Get Feedback and Improvise:- After Your App goes Live its time to get feedback from your first set of customers which gives more idea for improvising and upgrading the Mobile App

Step 10: Now Introduce New Features:- Now that you have started receiving feedback from your customers you will get and idea to introduce new features which were not included in the Launch Version

The Above Points are the one which I learnt from higher monthly fess need to go for it as I have covered all the important points to learn how to create mobile apps.

Based on my experience the above points are guidelines on how to create an app for free and make money, in the most effective manner

Remember Building a Mobile App is not so hard, when a Person Lazy like me can do it I feel anyone can know How To Make Mobile Application with the help of the site given below


Please Comment and communicate which will motivate me to provide you more and more info regarding how to create an app for free and make money.

I will be glad to help with whatever info I can provide as this is a very vast market and nobody will compete with me

Wish You Best of Earnings With Mobile Applications


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